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Summer Reading Challenge 2023

Summer Reading 2023 Banner

Register and participate in our Summer Reading Program 2023: "All Together Now!" By tracking your hours, you can contribute to our 5000 hours' goal. Every hour you read a book, spend doing a literacy activity, or are read to, will earn you tickets towards our weekly raffles and end of summer prizes! 

Our Summer Reading Challenge 2023: "All Together Now" will run from June 19th to August 5th. Watch our slideshow for more details. You can also download/print a copy of our Summer Reading brochure. 

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Summer Reading resources for Children & Teens…

    1. Sign up here for the Summer Reading Challenge!
    2. Reading Hours Tracker Online Form | View
    3. Printable Reading Tracker Sheets: Babies | Children | Teens
    4. Summer Reading Slideshow | View
    5. Summer Reading Brochure | View/Print
    6. Children's Events Calendar | View
    7. Summer Reading Lists: Cawley Grade 6 | Cawley Grade 7 | Cawley Grade 8 | Pinkerton Academy


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