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OverDrive dropping support for Libby app and NHDB webapp on older devices

Libby appAfter September 30, 2021, the web certificate provider Let's Encrypt will no longer support certain older operating systems and browsers (learn more). Let's Encrypt certificates are used to create secure connections on many websites and apps, including those from OverDrive. This internet-wide security change will result in a security warning for less than 1% of OverDrive users, which they can resolve by updating their operating system or browser version.

What's the impact on users?
Users on iOS 9 are most likely to be affected by this change. We estimate that iOS 9 users account for less than 1% of total OverDrive users. After this change, users on unsupported operating systems and browsers will see a security warning or a "your connection is not private" message when using Libby, the OverDrive app, or your library's OverDrive website.
Please Note: If a user continues despite the security warning, their data could be compromised since we can’t verify that users seeing this message are connecting with a legitimate server. Please note that OverDrive does not control the message displayed within the security warning, and messaging may vary based on the user’s platform and browser.

What should impacted users do?
Users who encounter this warning should update their operating system or browser version (if an update is available). All iOS devices that were released after 2012 can update to iOS 10 or newer, which will work after this change. Here are steps to help iOS users update their operating system version.
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