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Access to Materials:

The Hooksett Library does not restrict access to any materials on the basis of a person’s color, religion, national origin, socioeconomic status, sex, or age. Free access to the total library is essential to public library service for the entire community. 

The library adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 that assures equal access to all library facilities, activities, and programs. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the needs of persons with disabilities. Anyone wishing to use materials “in-house” may do so at no charge.

How to get a library card:

  • Register for a temporary library “account" at
    • Reserve books and materials.
    • Access our research materials online.
    • Note that you will have to visit the library in person to get the actual library card for full access to library services.
  • Visit the library in person to get an actual library card and gain full access to library services. Be sure to bring the appropriate documentation listed below under the various library card eligibility types.

Library Card Eligibility:

Hooksett Residents:

Adult Resident Cards: Residents and landowners of the Town of Hooksett are entitled to a library card without charge. Proof of residency or property ownership is required and may be a driver’s license with the Hooksett address or a photo ID with a non-Hooksett address and any mail, checkbook, lease agreement, property tax statement, purchase/sales agreement etc. documenting the person’s Hooksett residency or property ownership. All resident library cards need to be renewed three years from the initial date of issue or last renewal.

Juvenile/Child Cards...

Any child over the age of five who can independently write their own name , who lives in Hooksett, is eligible for a shared library card with their parent/guardian. This card will function as a shared card with both the child and the parent listed as co-owners of the library card. Any materials checked out on this card will be the responsibility of the parent. The library card will be signed for by both the parent and the child. All active (usage in the prior three years) juvenile/child cards will expire on the child’s twelfth birthday, at which time their account will be converted to a teen card.

Teen Cards...

Any youth between the ages of 12 to 18, who lives in Hooksett, is eligible for a teen card. A teen card will have privacy rights of an adult library card, while still holding the parent financially responsible. All teen cards will expire on the teen’s eighteenth birthday, at which time they will be encouraged to register for an adult resident card. For complete information on children and teen library cards and New Hampshire privacy of library materials laws please see our Youth Library Cards Policy.


Hooksett Library provides the option for Hooksett residents to register for a library card online through the library’s catalog. This self-registration is considered temporary (30 days) until the individual visits the library to establish a regular library card. A self-registration allows a patron to place reserves and access online resources normally reserved for a permanent Hooksett library card. If the applicant does not come to the library to establish a permanent card within 30 days, the self-registration account is deleted.


All staff of the Hooksett Library shall receive library cards regardless of residency. Staff library cards shall not accrue fines. Staff are responsible for any lost or damaged items checked out on their accounts. All staff library cards expire and need to be renewed three years from the initial date of issue or last renewal. Staff cards shall expire with the end of employment with the Hooksett Library.


Temporary housing “residents” may receive a Hooksett Library card on a temporary basis. The card will be issued for a period of three months with a temporary Hooksett mailing address and a driver’s license for identification. This card allows for ten materials to be checked out at a given time.


Non-resident fee...

Individuals requesting a Hooksett Library card who do not qualify for one of the other listed patron types be required to pay an annual fee as stated in the Hooksett Library Non-resident Card Policy. This fee is based on the average household’s property tax contribution to the Hooksett Library. The fee is reviewed annually by the Hooksett Library Board of Trustees after the town’s budget is approved at town meeting. Patron accounts will renew annually on their anniversary date. Notification of the need to renew a library account is sent through the library’s automation system in advance of the card’s expiration date. Non-resident cards are issued to one in name only, but can be used by all family members living at the same address.

Employed in Town...

Non-resident employed in town cards are available at no charge to people working in the Town of Hooksett, for the Town of Hooksett and/or Hooksett School District. Proof of employment is required, either a business card with name of employee and local address of employer, a letter on company letterhead signifying employment locally, or a current pay stub from a local employer. All Employed In Town library cards expire and need to be renewed one year from the initial date of issue or last renewal and will require proof of employment as noted above.

Students at Southern New Hampshire University...

Students enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University are eligible for a library card with proof of enrollment to the university. Students must also have a driver’s license or other photo identification with their permanent address that can be used on their library record. All SNHU Student library cards expire at the end of the academic year and need to be renewed at the start of the next enrolled semester and will require proof of enrollment at the university.

Expiration and Removal of Library Cards:

Library cards that have been expired and inactive for three years will be deleted from the patron database if there are less than $10 in fines and no blocks on the account. Lost Cards: Replacement cards are available if any patron’s original card is lost or damaged.

GMILCS Common Borrower Privileges:

The Hooksett Library is a member of GMILCS, Inc., a multi-type library consortium; as such the Hooksett Library has entered a reciprocal borrowing agreement with other libraries within the GMILCS consortium. As a member our cardholders are able to use most services and materials from other libraries in the consortium: Amherst Town Library, Bedford Public Library, Derry Public Library, Goffstown Public Library, Manchester City Library, West Manchester Community Library, Merrimack Public Library, Nesmith Library (Windham), Rodgers Memorial Library (Hudson), Wadleigh Memorial Library (Milford), Danforth Library and Teti Library (New England College), and Kelley Library (Salem).

Libraries may choose to limit access to certain collections. A valid library card or a photo ID must be presented to use the service. The policies of the lending library will prevail so patrons should be aware that loan periods, fine schedules, etc. may differ from those at the Hooksett Library. Items may be returned and fines may be paid at any of the participating libraries.

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