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Virtual Tech Class - Supercharge Your Windows 10 Computer For FREE!

Is your Windows 10 computer running at a snail's pace, taking forever to boot up and launch programs, and even getting bogged down when doing even the most basic tasks? Then this class is for you! We'll share simple "hacks" that you can use to optimize your Windows 10 computer, giving it a new lease on life and new spring in its virtual step.

Class Objectives: Changing system performance settings, running system reports, finding/cleaning files, changing autorun programs, and more.

Materials needed: Windows 10 computer  with internet access and webcam.

To join this class, visit this Zoom link and when prompted, enable or allow both the mic and webcam on your device for video chat. Tip: use a second device for the video chat so that you can follow along with the hands-on demos on your Windows 10 computer/laptop.

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