Bear Paw Speaker Series - Caterpillar Lab

The Caterpillar Lab fosters greater appreciation and care for the complexity and beauty of our local natural history through live caterpillar educational programs, research initiatives, and photography and film projects. We believe that an increased awareness of one’s local environment is the foundation on which healthy and responsible attitudes towards the broader natural systems of this world is built.


This program is for all ages and no registration is necessary!

Bear-Paw Regional Greenways is a non-profit land trust with a mission to permanently conserve a network of lands that protects the region’s water, wildlife habitat, forests, and farmland. Bear-Paw now holds easements or land protecting 64 properties and more than 8,070 acres. Established by resident volunteers, Bear-Paw works to conserve open space in Hooksett, Allenstown, Barnstead, Candia, Deerfield, Epsom, Northwood, Nottingham, Pittsfield, Raymond, and Strafford through outreach, education, and the completion of land protection projects.


For information about Bear-Paw events, how to become a member, land protection options for landowners or volunteering with the land trust, please contact Daniel Kern at Bear-Paw Regional Greenways, Post Office Box 19, Deerfield, NH 03037, 603 463-9400, or You can also visit their website at