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Virtual Poetry Swap

Join Adult Services Librarian Anne for a Poetry Swap by Zoom!

People who love poetry..love to share poetry aloud. People who don’t love poetry...are uncomfortable at even the thought! Anne is a life-long reader of poetry and would just like to say, “if you don’t love poetry, or have at least one poem in your memory and repertoire, it’s only because you haven’t met the right poem yet!” (and she feels the same way about books, by the way). Here’s your chance to speed-date a selection of poems, selected and read by participants. 

This event will be a casual gathering designed to share favorite titles, poems, and poets and authors, and to have the chance to both read poetry aloud and have poetry read to you! Bring a cup of tea and a stack of books with sticky notes and a brief bio of your favorite poet, or just one treasured poem to read aloud. We’ll kick off with a single round-robin reading and sharing, and stay and talk as long as we like! Questions and conversation are welcome. 

Come celebrate National Poetry Month with Anne, introduce yourself, and help others around you discover a poem worth committing to memory! Now is always the perfect time to discover the wonder of these woven words! 

This program will take place over Zoom on Thursday April 15th from 7:00-8:00pm.. Register online, or by calling 485-6092, and you'll receive the virtual meeting link within 24 hours of the program. 

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