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The Hooksett Library accepts donations of books, media, and gifts. Donations can be dropped off during library hours, and for sizeable donations, please call us (485.6092) in advance so that we can help with the unload process.

The library does not automatically add books and materials to its collection, except where the materials are deemed appropriate according to its collection development policy. Books and materials not added to the collection are added to the book sale.

The Library prefers not to accept donated materials that are moldy, mildewed, or water-damaged, since these pose a health hazard to the public and staff.

If you have computers and peripherals that are 3 years old or more and that need a new home, please consider donating them to the following sites...

Computer Technology Assistance Corp.

100 Willow St. Suite 6
Manchester NH 03103-6300
Telephone: (603) 218-3078 |
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 5PM - Saturday 9AM to 12 Noon - Sunday Closed

More recycling options:


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