Welcome to our eReader lending service page! Please read through the following Frequently Asked Questions about our eReader lending service, and don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact form below or by telephone at 603.485.6092, if you’d like to know more about our service. View availability of eReaders.

Frequently Asked Questions…

1. How do I reserve an eReader?

You can reserve an eReader online by clicking on the link for the desired eReader listed below. Then click on the “Place Request” button in the online catalog. You will have to visit the front desk to check out the device upon agreement of terms.
Nook (B&W) | Nook Color  | Nook Simple | Sony Reader | Kobo eReader | Amazon Kindle | Kindle Fire | Kindle Fire HD | Kindle Paperwhite | Nook HD

2. How long can I borrow an eReader?

You will be able to borrow the eReader for 2 weeks and to renew it once, as long as there are no holds on the device.

3. Will I be charged late fees for returning the eReader past its due date?

At time of checkout, you will agree to pay overdue charges of $1.00 per day if the eReader is returned after the due date. If the device is more than 25 days overdue, you will be held responsible for the cost (up to $450.00) to replace the device, if it’s not returned within 3 days of the overdue notification.

4. Can I purchase and/or download content to the eReader?

You will be unable to purchase and/or download additional titles of your own. You will, however, be able to browse for available titles on our Overdrive eBook site.
Using your Overdrive Library Account, you can then “check out” a title or up to 3 titles that you would like to have downloaded to the device by library staff.

5. Are titles preloaded on the eReaders?

The Library’s eReaders are available mainly for demonstration purposes for library users to try out. We have preloaded a variety of titles so that you can see what reading a book on the devices is like. You may use our preloaded titles, or you may request to have additional, available titles loaded for the loan period. You should pre-select additional titles by browsing for them on our Overdrive eBook site before picking up the device.

6. How many eBook titles can I have “checked out” at the same time?

You can have up to 3 titles “checked out” at the same time on your Overdrive Library Account for a loan period of 14 days. Titles may be “returned” early if there are other e-books that you would like to borrow. To do so, you will need to visit the library to have a library staff member manage the early “return”.

7. How long can eBook titles be “checked out” on my account?

The loan period is for 14 days. Titles may be “returned” early if there are other e-books that you would like to borrow. To do so, you will need to visit the library.

8. Can I “return” eBook titles early on the eReader?

If there are other eBook titles that you would like to borrow, they can be “returned” early, but you will need to visit the library to have this done by library staff.

9. Do I have to leave a deposit when I check out an eReader?

No deposit will be required, but you will have to sign a borrowing agreement that indicates your agreement to the terms contained therein, including the agreement to pay for the full replacement costs of the device, and its accessories, if they are not returned or are returned in damaged condition.

10. How old must I be to borrow an eReader?

You must be 18 years old with a valid license and Hooksett library card in good standing. You must also sign an agreement document and confirm your contact information at the time of checkout.

11. How do I return the eReader when I’m done with it?

The eReader must be returned inside the library directly to a library staff member. The device may not be returned in the outdoor or indoor drop boxes. If it is returned in a drop box, the Borrower will be charged a $25.00 minimum fee for unnecessary risk to the device.